Digital New Media

New technologies and digital means of communication come in the limelight to satisfy the contemporary demands of the customer.

In pursuit of an easier access to anything new as well as of the fastest transmittance of a message, the internet-digital times we live in lead to more clever and more economical applications of how to project a brand.

Web Advertising

Planning electronic banners in websites, projecting the advertised services or the products of a company, creating audiovisual presentations through moving images (video, animation etc.) as well as company or thematic projections of other activities with the production of multimedia (CD-ROM), we give the customer comparative advantage empowering his place and prestige on the market.

Web Design

The strengthening of the company’s image goes through the construction of a website and from an inspired creative group, which has a commercial character and special aesthetics at the same time.

The customer is creatively “chartographized” in the workshop (dynamic and flash websites) and his/her needs are digitally “webbed” by the programmer providing all the support services for its correct operation:

Registration of domain names, hospitality, e-mail regulation, visiting control, registration in search engines, briefing for the operation and managing of the site).


With the advisory services of information technology from experienced and expert colleagues, the contact with the Internet becomes a piece of cake.

Investing in the proper machinery and programmes, the problems are minimized and the data distribution is done electronically securely under the advice of the experts, who are in the customer’s disposal to offer a valid and effective solution.

TV Spots

The technological knowledge and infrastructure in combination with the suitable graphic depiction from the creative department bring to the television or cinema screen internal production spots and mini video clips manipulating in the best possible way the role of today’s most powerful advertising means of promotion.