Exclamation mark

To express admiration
In printed or electronic image that we do not incuriously overlook and in the direct message successfully sent to every direction.

an image is worth a thousands words!

  Double dash

What includes the less interesting
In radio communication it should not appear since the radio gives the advertised product a special impulse

-Think for 4 hours but work for 2-

  Question mark

In the end of a question
Which actually does not exist when the potential of Trade Marketing are developed correctly, making the name powerful with individual applications

Is it, not the answer, but the question that makes things clear?


as a small pause inside a sentence
to continue with a Marketing Plan which examines the market’s trends providing each project with the necessary information
in the beginning of a unified strategy

the good, the evil’s enemy


When an additional meaning follows in a sentence that does not end
Like the projection of a brand continues through Sponsoring strengthening its profile on the market

The wise man only follows his own path…


Reference to a word or phrase
signifying freedom in creativity, imagination and the ideas of a graphic design group

* disagreement means creativity

  Ditto marks

To avoid repetition of the same word or phrase
From an article writer–differentiation is actually the target- with the right words showing the customer his/her future

the beginning of a story starts from its end

  Full stop

In the end of a sentence
Reaching its final goal, sales, exactly where the next begins